Cyware : The Pathbreaker in Cyber Security

Nowadays the cyberspace is witnessing unconventional wars against adversaries that require unconventional methods. To articulate it in simple words, the cyber security landscape requires out of box thinking. We are not fighting the conventional threats and threat actors anymore. The cyber criminals are employing extremely sophisticated methods to breach into organizational networks. The social engineering tactics of hackers nowadays is so sophisticated that leave alone the general internet user, even the professional security experts fall for it. So what is the solution to this mayhem? Cyber awareness; indeed it is the solution that should drive the cyber security and internet security culture of this era. And how does one attain it? Through constant vigil of cyber security related events happening across the globe on a daily basis.

This is not an easy task for any single person or for that matter even a team. What it requires is machine learning based tool that continuously scans the internet and fetches the right kind of news. And before you start asking about one such tool, I should mention yes there is one; Cyware which is a first of its kind cyber security app providing expertly curated cyber security news from the hundreds and thousands of cyber security news articles published daily on the world wide web. Cyware is not just another App but a situational awareness platform whose sole task is to contribute towards an organization’s cyber security and a general user’s internet security by providing feeds that help them attain cyber awareness.

Cyber Security

It’s important to note that cyber awareness is not a one time task but a continuous ongoing process which can afford no misses and gaps. One has to continuously keep a track of all happenings across the world, cross country and cross industry breaches and attacks, learnings from the incidents, expert opinions, latest threats and threat actors, vulnerabilities in security software, next generation tools and technology and this is what Cyware exactly does. It keeps you updated with important cyber security and internet security news articles. The news is summarized in a manner to provide for quick and convenient consumption by the user and it can be readily shared with colleagues, peers, security team or clients.

Cyware is something more than an App, which helps streamline the framework of cyber security team by providing them a direction through cyber awareness. Once you are Cyber aware, it becomes easy to adopt the right approach and security paradigm. Cyware is going to be a path breaker and a game changer in the cyberspace for not it only drives the cyber awareness of the users but allows them act to timely fix all vulnerabilities and loopholes in the security architecture by providing timely feeds. It is available for Google Playand iOS and can be readily deployed to drive the individual or organizational cyber awareness.

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