Filing For Alimony

While going through a divorce and after the divorce is processed, one of the issues that you need to think about is alimony. This isn’t a payment that you might want to force from the other party, but if you deserve a portion of the finances from the relationship and if there is a substantial reason as to why you filed for divorce because of the actions of the other party, then you should meet with an alimony attorney Pasco County offers.

Filing For Alimony

Most of the time, alimony payments are awarded to the female in the relationship. However, if the male can prove that the female committed actions that destroyed the marriage, then alimony could be awarded to the male counterpart. The payment is made as a way to compensate one person for the financial issues that have been caused by the actions of the other person. When alimony is calculated, the judge will take into consideration the incomes of both parties as well as whether there are children in the relationship. There are forms that states often abide by in order to justify the amount that is calculated. Any physical ailments are taken into consideration as well as the amount of all of the payments to maintain the home that the receiving party has to make. The length of the marriage is taken into consideration along with the standard of living that the couple is accustomed to, especially if the receiving party has not had the need to have a job because of the financial support provided by the other person. At times, a lump sum could be ordered. Most of the time, payments are made for a temporary duration or permanently depending on the receiving party’s situation. The judge will often consider the length of time that it will take for the injured spouse to be functional in society financially when making a decision about the duration of the alimony payments.

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