How Education And Technology Together Are Touching New Horizons?

Generally, students after reaching their higher education get smart enough to find new ways and techniques for better learning. They get so focused towards their goals that nothing can stop them from moving ahead. Technology is highly affecting higher grades of education and a new trend of integration of online, hybrid and collaborative way of learning is upcoming and being accepted by almost all institutes. Every institute is increasing the use of videos as teaching medium rather than that traditional blackboard and chalk face-to-face teaching.

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However, 70% of the school staffs are competent enough to easily learn such digital ways of teaching, but there are old and experienced teachers who still hesitate in following these new techniques. The problem is again lack of digital knowledge. They neither are so experienced in making PowerPoint presentations nor like teaching through the slides. They still like a textbook in front and recite word by word to explain students.

How we can bridge this gap between education and technology for a faster and literate India?

  • Anyone can make and upload a video: You don’t need much expertise to make a video of your lectures. Just buy the best recorder for lectures either online or through retail stores and use them easily. They don’t need much struggle. They are easy to manage. After taking the video, just upload it wherever you need. If you don’t know much about computers, take any students or assistant staff help. They can guide you very well.
  • Tuitions and extra coaching class expenses can be decreased: Students who lack understanding in schools or colleges pay huge tuition fees to personal tutors or coaching classes. If they will get a video for later reference, they shall avoid going to tuition classes and self-learning by referring to lectures again and again would be sufficient.
  • Videos can be helpful for teachers: If teachers will use pre-recorded lectures, then it would surely save time for them to write and explain on the keyboard. All complex diagrams and charts would come with a single click. They can interact with students more with the left time.
  • Parents can refer the lectures too for teaching their children with same methodology: Today, addition and subtraction are taught by different schools in different methods. Some follow carry forward method where as some follow the sum of units, tens and like places to teach children. Parents get really confused and they don’t know how to teach children same at home for further practice. Hence, videos and their uploading on school websites or applications or blogs can help parents to follow the same methodology.

Technology has been so forward that you can make a super video of live lectures with best digital recorder for lectures. This will allow you to record audio and video of your teacher as well as add titles and subtitles to the video. Additionally, if the teacher has used any digital media like presentations, you can even add them in between at correct slot. Thus, you get a complete digital package of your lecture.

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