Nissan Kicks: Everything you need to know

Japanese car maker, Nissan is still trying to make its proper mark in the Indian car market and is also trying to get its share of profits from the highly popular compact SUV segment of the country. The Nissan Terrano compact SUV is one of the successful offerings from the company in India, but that is certainly not enough for Nissan and it is trying its best to push in more successful new launches along with its economical brand Datsun. The Terrano compact is actually the re-badged version of the popular Renault Duster compact SUV. However, with time while the Duster which is an older product in market, has managed to keep decent sales numbers of average 2,000 units per month, the Terrano’s sales have dipped below 1,000 units. The Renault Duster also revived its sales and popularity with its new facelift, but Nissan does not seem to be inclined to do its French associate as done with its Duster. Instead, Nissan plans to launch three SUV models in the Indian car market, namely the Datsun GO Cross crossover, the X-Trail Hybrid SUV and a new replacement for the Terrano. The Terrano’s replacement in question is the upcoming new Nissan Kicks.

Nissan Micra hatchback

The new Nissan Kicks SUV is an official car of the Rio Olympic as well as the Paralympic Games and has been leading the torch relay fleet across the various cities and towns of Brazil. The Japanese car major has investment around $750 million on the Kicks project.

The new Nissan Kicks compact crossover had its world premiere at a media event in Rio de Janeiro in the month of May this year. The Kicks crossover will first launch in the car market of Brazil in August this year prior to its launch across other markets in Latin American, which will be followed by its launch in the markets across the world. Nissan India has confirmed that it is focusing on the SUV/crossover portfolio for the Indian car market and the Kicks will be playing an important role in gaining the market share.

Nissan Micra hatchback

We have summed up everything that you need to know about the new upcoming Nissan Kicks compact SUV:


The Nissan Kicks has a very alluring and aggressive design language. The Kicks was designed by Nissan Design America located in California in collaboration with the Nissan Design America situation in Brazil. This compact crossover has been specifically built for the developing car markets such as Brazil, India and other similar markets round the world. The Kicks SUV will be based on the same V-platform which underpins the Nissan Sunny sedan as well as the Nissan Micra hatchback. The Kicks will be a 5-seater SUV similar to Renault Duster.
The Nissan Kicks features a massive and thick U-shaped radiator grille finished in chrome accompanied by a wide air dam and sleek sweptback headlights. It flaunts muscular front bumper as well as rear.

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