Profitability 101: How To Make Your Company More Marketable Online

Many if not most business owners want their organizations to be as profitable as possible. Yet many of these business owners have not tapped into the power of implementing online conversion optimization strategies to facilitate this outcome. But you can. If you’re not sure where to get started, this article is for you. Utilize some or all of the following strategies to help your company become more marketable online so that you can start earning more money:


1. Develop A Strong Presence On Key Social Channels.

One of the best ways to make your business more profitable is by developing a strong presence on key social channels. This approach is empowering because the mode of communication that takes place through these channels is oftentimes more immediate, organic, and authentic than what tends to transpire through traditional mediums like radio ads and television commercials. Note that there are many strategies a business owner can deploy to cultivate a strong presence on social media channels. One is regularly conducting dynamic Twitter polls. The Twitter polls will help you attain key pieces of information such as which products your audience uses the most and whether they’d prefer to make their purchases via internet or in a physical store. Twitter polls are also a highly effective way to optimize engagement because they put you and your audience in a “Q & A” style conversation format that can easily evolve into ongoing, dynamic dialogues.

2. Make Your Content More Compelling.

If you’re really serious about optimizing your level of profitability in the online world, make sure that you focus on cultivating incredible content. This technique will impress your audience while also empowering you to stand out from your competitors. Note that when you consistently produce and publish awesome content, you’re much more likely to attain competitive ranking in the search engine results pages. There are many ways to make your content consistently compelling. One is checking each piece of content to ensure that it is scannable. Scannability is all about ensuring that your site visitors could quickly skim through your content and locate the information they need within several moments. Some of the textual features that could empower them to realize this objective include subheaders/headers and bullet points.

3. Utilize Strategies That Make Your Site More Shoppable.

One final technique that can take your organization’s level of profitability to a new height is utilizing strategies that make your site more shoppable. Note that if your customers find it difficult to move through your site and locate the products and services they want, they will likely leave your product pages and begin shopping on a competitor’s site. Luckily, there are several strategies you can utilize to make your website more shoppable. One is including a “Live Chat” feature which enables your shoppers to attain answers to brand-related questions from customer service representatives. Also visit the Glockstore website and note the presence of digital shopping carts on the site. These carts enable people to store products like the concealed carry jacket in a shopping cart and then continue shopping until they’ve located and stored all of the items they want to purchase.


Three techniques that you can utilize to optimize profitability include developing a strong presence on social media channels, making your content more compelling, and utilizing strategies that make your site more shoppable. Utilize some or all of these techniques to ensure that your online presence becomes an unequivocally profitable entity.

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