Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has yet again launched a great smartphone with amazing features. Adding to its series of smartphones, Samsung has brought Samsung galaxy note 3 in the market. That is true. This time Samsung rolled out a new smartphone that is Samsung galaxy note 3. The Galaxy Note 3 was launched on September 4, 2013. The phone is starting from a price range of Rs. 28,900 in the market. Samsung galaxy note 3 is available online . This smartphone is likely to compete among few others at this premium price range. Rubber back and slippery finish gives the black piece an edge over others in term of looks. This phone is bigger and better. The phone gives the look of a more compact device. One can handle the phone comfortably as it weights less. No compromise has been made regarding the looks. So, good news for all those who put style statement on the top of their priority list. But, a smartphone is nothing without it’s features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

So, let’s look at some specific features of Samsung galaxy note 3.


Samsung galaxy note 3 has 13mp camera, which is impressive. Camera quality is expected to be more than average. Samsung galaxy note 3 is slightly high priced which mandates a good camera. Though there are many smartphones at this price range delivering amazing camera features. But that is a whole new area of discussion. Those who cannot compromise on camera quality should definitely consider Samsung galaxy note 3.

galaxy note 3


The upper body is made of plastic and the back is full leather material with stitches on it’s edges. These are not real but these the provided to give the look of a notebook. Sides are made of metal. Also a stylus is being provided which is more visible and easy to take out for use. This phone is what you can make a style statement with. As stylus is still considered as a styling feature of samsung smartphones. Amazing technology has been used in it to make this smartphone this classy.


The Note 3’s stylus is one of the main thing that separates it from other smartphones. One is obviously tempted to try it out. It’s long enough to hold comfortably. Stylus looks really cool because of it’s colour and performance. I think Samsung has made real efforts this time.

Samsung galaxy note 3


Samsung galaxy note 3 has a full HD Super AMOLED Plus 5.7inch capacitive screen. It’s screen is clear, bright, and has bold colours. Thus reading texts has become easy under bright sunlight. In short, it’s everything you’d want to see from a smartphone device. There is a home button, back button and menu control button at the bottom. Display has actually been improved upon the previous smartphones launched by Samsung.


Now comes the most important thing. It has 3200 MAh battery power which is actually good. It is enough for normal use. It is certainly better than many smartphones in the tech market. Considering the battery power one thing is sure that this smartphone is not like others. Rival smartphones have a poor battery power. Samsung galaxy note 3 can go full day long if not used too extreme.


Let’s have a look at the storage space. Samsung galaxy note 3 has 32768 MB storage capacity, which is commendable. Storage aspect of this smartphone should not be an issue. Also, 3072 MB RAM is there too. Certainly not too much but enough to hold it’s other features.


The Samsung galaxy note 3 comes with Android 4.3 and Samsung’s Touch Wiz. Also, NatureUX 2.5 user interface is in this smartphone. Samsung began rolling out an update to Android 5.0 “Lollipop” later after the launch. Also, the phone comes with a Quad core processor with 2300 MHz and Krait 400. 2.27GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 /w Adreno 330 (N9005) processor gives the phone it’s essential feature.


Let’s admit, when it comes to smartphones, no one can beat Samsung. Name is enough as Samsung has a satisfying history of smartphones. Samsung has the capability to surprise everyone by bringing something new to the market. This time it’s Samsung galaxy note 3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best smartphone because of the obvious feature it entails. Its wider screen brings out crisp detail and bright colours while still remaining dainty. It is big, bold and fast. Samsung galaxy note 3 has a battery life to go the distance. A stylus which is also an added feature of Samsung galaxy note 3. Most important, the Note 3 has a much sleeker design. Thus, nothing should hold you while buying this amazing smartphone. There is bleaker chance of getting disappointed after using this smartphone. The price rate is appropriate considering all the features. Definitely, a must buy and deserves to stay for a long time in the tech market.

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