Some Rumors About The Samsung Galaxy S6

It is no longer an obscurity that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 coming year. The Galaxy S series collects all the flagship Smartphone devices of the South Korean firm for the year 2010 and it is undoubtedly the most famous and well known family of high end Smartphone’s based on the Android operating system. The Galaxy S5 is previously out and from the time when the Samsung’s flagship for the year 2014 has disclosed its secrets to people, the technology publications or rumors have revolved their interest towards the S6. Although, you will need to wait more than 3 quarters until the S6 launch, speculations and rumors of the next generation flagship of the Samsung have previously surfaced on the web.

Samsung Galaxy S6


Have a look at some of the rumors about the upcoming device that declares what fans are expecting from the Samsung this time, mentioned below:

Release date

As you might know, the previous 2 flagship Smartphone devices from Samsung, the S4 and the S5, were launched in the first half of the year, that is, in March and February respectively. In fact, both gadgets were officially made public in the market in April, so anticipate a similar approach for the Galaxy S6.

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Although, it was initially speculated that the S5 will come with a Quad High Definition 1440×2560 resolution screen, the company has arranged a 5.1’’ full HD system, most probably keeping the Quad HD display screen for afterward model. The company is making efforts to compete with its rival LG that has already made public a Quad HD Smartphone device. In terms of size, the S6 could come with a 5.3’’ or 5.5’’ display screen that will definitely use the agency’s proprietary Super AMOLED technology.


Previously this year, Qualcomm declared its top chipsets in the initial half of 2014, the Snapdragon 810 and the Snapdragon 808. As like everyone acknowledged, they are both 60 bit enabled, hence, Android flagship devices will climb to the 60 bit processors too. The Snapdragon is the more powerful system that is what the company will make utilize of for their flagship of the year 2015.

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There are no official words about the storage capacity unit. Provided the recent fashions in the world of Smartphone devices, the S6 will either be introduced in 32/64 GB or 16/32 GB variants. Definitely, the company will also incorporate a MicroSD card slot; which will let the users in expanding the storage up to 128 GB. Users are interested to know about the amount of RAM system. There is where the entertainment part starts. This is due to the fact that the S6 will come with a 64 bit processor unit; Samsung might be tempted to press RAM of 4 GB under the cover. There might be chances of including the RAM of 3 GB by the company and be proficient of offering an immense multitasking experience, but the company prefers to show off.

These are some rumors about the S6 that states; Samsung fans are expecting much better as compared to their previous flagship models.

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