The features, price and release date of Samsung Galaxy S7

No wonder Samsung is in full expansion in creating smartphones. Not every phone get smash hit but you can say most of the time Samsung win the market its device. Especially, the upcoming flagship before its release is saying lot about its existence and success in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

There are latest and versatile features in the soon-to-be released Galaxy S7 are obvious, after all it is not general smartphone. All competitive features are ruling in the device.
There will be great difference in the S series of the phone.

30 Megapixels camera

In the smartphone have you ever seen the30 MP main camera. But Samsung is initiating by bearing expected 30 MP while in front facing camera there will considered 8 to 10 MP. It will be revolution in the world of smartphones. There will also be latest GigaPixel feature that will support you in shooting your image with more clarity.

Super Amoled Display

There are few phones which is coming with Amoled display but Samsung will have a super Amoled display that is 4k, 5.5-inch.

Waterproof Technology

Waterproof technology is almost every phone belonging. Sony is pioneer of the waterproof technology. Water contact will not affect your phone and its dustproof tech is also potential enough to guard your phone. Water is no more issue for the sophisticated phone like Galaxy S7.

5G Network Connection

It is not easy for every smartphone to get hold of 4G network while Samsung is planning to have 5G network connection. There will be no issues of lagging of phone while downloading, uploading or other activities. In this network, you will experience a super fast WIFI to enhance connectivity to the internet.

Infared Sensors

Infared sensor would be new feature in mobile and the lovely feature that people is going to adore it. As fitness has become the nation concern if infared sensor will monitor your body temperature and will deliver you accurate result. The inclusion of this feature will add more advantage in the phone. There Isa possibility in future Samsung will introduce us other benefits in terms of fitness and your phone would be problem solver in many ways. You never know

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price:

The phone will be sold at the following prices in different countries.
US: $999
UK: $999
Canada: $999
India: Rs 68,500
Italy: €840
Denmark: 6240 Danish Krone
Australia: AU $ 1,245
Germany: €840
Belgium: €840
South Africa: 11,145 South African Rand
Indonesia: 11,542,264 Indonesian Rupiah
Malaysia: 3,652 Malaysian Ringgit

The  will be exposed to us in 2016 with iPhone 8 and everybody should set their pocket with bulk of amount to buy this beautiful and functional smartphone S7 as you need not to wait long for it. Till then ongoing rumors will be at its height to garner more excitement and info both. Samsung will not only unveil its device but it will unveil its potential as the manufacturer. Samsung is getting back its caliber with its S series.

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