Tips to give flowers a longer life

If you have difficulty in expressing yourself then, flower can help you a lot. One can always greet one with a bunch of fresh flowers, and they are surely going to love it. If you want to tell what you feel about them, or wish them all the best in life, then flowers can definitely do wonders.

Receiving flowers is always a lovely thing. But how to keep a bouquet fresh for a couple of days after receiving them? Well, there are some ways to keep them alive and beautiful.

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  • One can keep a copper penny in the vase in which they are going to keep the flower bouquet. Keeping it at the bottom of the vase, one has to add some sugar in the water, which is poured in the vase. Keeping flowers in this solution can keep them fresh for longer.
  • Keeping an aspirin tablet in the flower vase can act as a flower food. One has to break the tablet and dissolve it into the water. One has to trim the stems of the flowers a little bit and then immerse it in the water. The aspirin tablet has acid, which flows through the stems and keeps the flowers alive.
  • One can also add a cap of mouth wash in the water in which they are going to keep the flower bouquet. This keep the buds open for a long time and kill all the bacteria that may form due to dead stems and leaves.
  • If one wants, they can add flower food to the water in the vase. This flower food has a lot of biocides in it which can kill the bacteria. On top of it, if a small amount of sugar is added to it, it can do wonders. It keeps the stems and the flowers both alive and keeps them fresh for many days.
  • Adding bleach to the water of the vase is also another good option. This helps in sterilizing the water and keeps it germ free and thus the flowers do not get rotten very easily.
  • One should always keep the flower bouquets away from the direct touch of sunlight. If it is possible, then spray some edible salted water on the petals of the flower so that they look very fresh.
  • Keep the flowers in a clean vase and do not forget to change the water in it at a regular interval as it may affect the bouquet. Clean water always keeps them fresh.
  • Another option is wrapping of flowers’ stems with damp towels before keeping them in a vase. But you need to change the towel on regular basis.

These are the few basic things if kept in mind then flowers can remain fresh for longer even after they are plucked from the plants. Do not forget to clean the vase in which you intend to keep the flowers.
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