Top 5 Powerbanks with 10000mAH battery

Have you bought a flagship or high-end smartphone recently? You must be enjoying the innovative features and added capabilities of your smartphone. With a smartphone, you can play, work, connect, watch videos, listen songs, click images, pay your bills, do some shopping and do lots of other work on-the-go. However, the low battery backup would be irritating you most of the times.

For which, here we bring you top 5 power banks with 10000mAH battery, available in India. We have arranged them from low to high price tag, in ascending order.

1: XiaomiMi 10400mAH : Rs.999


The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi doesn’t need an introduction in the Indian smartphone market today. After a huge success of Mi3, Mi4, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 1S and Redmi 2, Xiaomi has also launched its affordable range of power banks in India. This one is the cheapest power bank in our top 5 list. Though, the cheapest price tag doesn’t reflect on its quality and build. Once fully charged, this power bank can charge an Apple iPhone 4.5 times and an iPad 1.5 times.

2: DigiFlip PC015 11000mAH : Rs.1,149

DigiFlip PC015

The second power bank is coming from DigiFlip, which is a sister company of Flipkart. The DigiFlip PC015 is the most powerful power bank on this top 5 list. With 11000mAH power, this power bank features 2 USB outputs, which can charge your smartphone and tablet together at a same time. Being a light weighted and small sized power bank, the DigiFlip PC015 can be easily carried in your laptop bag.

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3: Intex IT-PB10K 10000mAH : Rs.1,169

Intex IT-PB10K

The third power bank in our list comes from the Indian IT peripheral brand, Intex. The Intex IT-PB10K is an affordable power bank, which has 5 connectors, MicroUSB, Mini USB, Nokia, 30 PIN and lightning. Coming in an attractive blue color, this power bank is small, light-weight and easy to carry. However, the build quality and body finish of this power bank is average only.
4: Lenovo GXV0F78691 10000mAH : Rs.1,791

Lenovo GXV0F78691

The fourth power bank is coming from the leading smartphone and laptop brand; Lenovo. The Lenovo GXV0F78691 is a small and portable 10000mAH power bank, which also gets two USB output ports. This power bank features an LED power indicator and electricity saving function, which is something good for its customers. This portable power bank is built upon a nicely built and quality finish body, which is easy to hold and carry.

5: Sony CP-V10 – 10000mH : Rs.2,719

Last, but not the least, the fifth power bank in our top 5 list is Sony CP-V10. The 5th position doesn’t mean that this is the worst power bank in the list. Rather, it is probably the best power bank on this list. It’s the costly price tag, which has pushed this power bank on the last spot. But, the Sony CP-V10 is best in quality and finish. This power bank supports various devices including Sony CyberShot and Handycam cameras and Walkman players. This power bank support charging via USB port and AC-USB adaptor as well.

Author Bio:The author is an expert in mobile technology and loves to write about different technology launched. He has listed the specifications Top 5 Powerbanks for the readers to make an informed buying decision.

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