Top 7 Things to Do In Shimla

Shimla is a romantic, entertaining and a refreshing tourist destination. It has always been one of the top choices for tourists of all kinds. Here are the top things that you should do when you visit Shimla.

1. Skating


Shimla has the oldest snow rink of the continent. The ice skating is a very common tourist activity if you are visiting in winter. This rink is open only in December, January and February. Thousands of people visit here every year during winter for taking part in the ice skating show. Foreigners are also welcome to participate.

2. Adventure Activities

There are a lot of adventure activities to enjoy when you are in Shimla. The top adventure activities include river rafting and trekking. There are a lot of unique and serene trails for all kinds of trekkers. The common trails are Junga trail, Jalori Pass trail and Shimla Chail trail.

Adventure Activities

If you want to trek, avoid visiting Shimla during monsoon season. The rain causes road blocks and landslides. Thus, most of the trails are closed for monsoon season. But, if you visit during monsoon, you can enjoy river rafting. Tattapani is the spot you need to visit if you want to enjoy river rafting here. Monsoon months and early winter mark the right time for river rafting as river would be swollen with water.

3. Shopping


There are a lot of emporiums and bazaars where you can buy exclusive items. You can buy local souvenirs from these bazaars. Do not forget to bargain. Bazaars are known for wooden merchandise collection and emporium is where you can find exclusive handicrafts. If you want to shop while enjoying the sceneries, Mall road is the right spot. It has numerous shops, restaurants, clubs and other entertainments that would keep you busy for a whole day.

4. Picnic at Glen

Glen is located near Chadwick falls. It is a very serene place in this hill station filled with deodar, pine and oak trees. This meadow is great for roaming, picnicking and even camping. If you want some alone time with your loved ones, you can spend an evening at Glen. You can also walk to the falls from Glen to take a bath or enjoy the falls.

Picnic at Glen

5. Golfing

It is opened for tourists and even foreigners. You can enjoy golfing as you enjoy the serene beauty of the place. This place is known for its natural beauty. This is an 18 hole golf course and is one of the top important spots to visit in Shimla.


6. Sunrise at Jakhu hill

Jakhu hill has a hanuman temple on the top. This is the place where the monkey god, Hanuman rested for a while during one of his expenditures. It is a religious place for Hindus. People of other religion also trek this hill to watch sunrise or sunset from the top. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of surrounding areas and fresh mountain air here. It would be very calm and refreshing.

Sunrise at Jakhu hill

7. Summer festival

Summer festival is celebrated during the month of June. It is a weeklong festival that includes dance performances, cookery shows, shopping spree, baby pageants, fashion show and others. Many tourists visit Shimla during June to take part in this festival.

There are a lot of activities to do and places to enjoy here. If you are entering India through Delhi, the best way to reach by the toy train. It is one of the heritage sites and the best journey that you would have enjoyed in your whole life.

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